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CES2020 丨 5G, AI, autonomous driving, 8K, folding screen ... Who is the most beautiful one?

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On January 7, local time, CES2020 (International Consumer Electronics Show) opened in Las Vegas. This 53-year exhibition has been regarded by the industry as the most important weathervane in the global consumer electronics industry. This year, nearly 200,000 visitors flocked from all over the world to taste the technology meal presented by more than 5,000 exhibitors. .

There are tens of thousands of new products, but there are still people who criticize this is the "least bright spot" of CES. 5G, AI, autonomous driving, 8K, flexible screen, folding screen ... have been in the last or even the last exhibition It is not uncommon in China.

However, we have to see that the concept products that could only be viewed from a distance in the glass cabinet are now within reach. Yield increases, prices fall, from concept to mass production, the black technology of that year has really come into our lives.

The nation's 5G era is coming

Many institutions have predicted that the market size of 5G mobile phones will exceed 200 million units in 2020, and this view has been fully verified at CES. TCL and Coolpad both launched their first 5G phones at the show. Among them, Cool Legacy 5G mobile phone adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, which will go on sale in the United States in the second quarter of this year. The price is less than 400 US dollars (about 2800 yuan), which is called "the lowest price in the US market" by local media. 5G mobile phones ", very" affordable. "

The TCL 10 5G mobile phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series 5G SOC and supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5G. It is also likely to be based on the Snapdragon 765 platform, which is the mainstream dual-mode chip in the current Qualcomm camp.

It is worth noting that MediaTek also officially launched the Teana 800 series SOC based on 7nm technology to support 5G networks at CES. The first batch of phones equipped with the Teana 800 series will be released in the first half of this year. It is reported that the target opponent of the Teana 800 series is Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. At present, the lowest price of mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon 765G has reached 1999 yuan (Redmi K30 mobile phone). Considering MediaTek's pricing strategy, the 5G thousand yuan machine leaves us Will it be far?


Lenovo's world's first 5G PC

In addition to mobile phones, the 5G family has many new faces. Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell each launched 5G laptops such as Yoga 5G, Elite Dragonfly G2, and Latitude 95105G. With the blessing of the 5G network, Lenovo YOGA 5G, which claims to be the world's first 5G PC, can even achieve download speeds of up to 4Gb / s.

BMW confirms its large-scale electric vehicle plan BMW iNEXT will integrate 5G to achieve autonomous driving, MSI showed its first 5G network gaming host MEG Aegis Ti5, and Gaoxin launched a new 5G mobile hotspot (MIFI) solution GW2000, Razer (Razer ) Demonstrate new products such as 5G routers ... 5G is no longer a game for a few people, and the era of 5G for all is approaching.

8K is getting closer to life

"8K +" has become the key word displayed by this year's CES TV manufacturers. Now that 8K resolution has become the standard for all high-end flagship products, how to innovate on the basis of 8K has become the biggest highlight of manufacturers.

The Z8H series of LCD TVs displayed by Sony mainly promoted "8K + quality improvement". Equipped with the X1 flagship HDR image processing chip tailored for 8K TVs, it can improve 2K content and 4K content to nearly 8K picture quality.

The new QLED 8K TV series released by Samsung focuses on "8K + borderless". With a screen ratio of up to 99%, people can hardly see the borders around the TV.


LG OLED curling screen group attack

Of the 29 TVs LG brought to CES, the most eye-catching is the OLED TV with "8K + Curl" as its selling point. Different from the "Unrolled" concept product displayed at the exhibition site last year, this product is usually curled on the ceiling and can be pulled down like a curtain when viewed. It is understood that the "roll-up" products will soon be put into mass production.

Compared with Japanese and South Korean companies, domestic TV manufacturers are no less good. The new laser TV products displayed by Hisense also earned enough attention by virtue of the "curl" concept. The product can usually be stored in a TV cabinet-like body, and the screen slowly rises when viewed.


Skyworth brings new OLED TV to CES

Skyworth made a stunning debut with its IPS hard-screen 8K TV Q91 and self-luminous wallpaper TV W81 series. The W81 fully exploits the characteristics of the OLED screen. The thickness of the fuselage is only 4.6mm.


TCL exhibits Vidrian mini-LED

The TCL X9 8K QLED TV is mainly cost-effective. The price of 19,999 yuan is still not cheap, but it is one step closer to the psychological expectations of consumers. Presumably, it will also be of great benefit to the popularity of 8K TVs. It is worth mentioning that TCL also released the world's first 8K QLED TV using Mini LED material, which not only has ultra-high brightness that can be seen under backlight, but the high luminous efficiency of LED can also greatly reduce energy consumption.

The reporter learned from the UHD Video Industry Alliance that CCTV will add 1 to 3 sets of UHD channels this year, and the total number of UHD channels in the country is expected to reach 10. The price of hardware is constantly decreasing, the supply of ultra high-definition content is constantly enriching, and 8K is getting closer and closer to our lives.

5G blessed VR is more expected

"VR + 5G opens a new era of perception." The theme of the World VR Industry Conference held in Nanchang, China, more than two months ago, was a great success. With the empowerment of 5G, VR has ushered in a new round of development opportunities. Compared with last year, the number of VR / AR manufacturers participating in this year's CES has increased significantly. More than 300 exhibitors brought the latest VR / AR products and technologies, including 50 Chinese manufacturers.


Panasonic Introduces World's First HDR Ultra HD VR Glasses

Support for 5G is the slogan of the newcomer Panasonic Japan. Compared with traditional VR headsets, the VR glasses released by Panasonic have a lighter design and greater comfort. The new optical module jointly developed by Panasonic and Gaoping Technology and 3M can create a "super-single-focus natural and distortion-free image." Panasonic said that with the commercialization of 5G, more VR application scenarios will emerge, including VR sports viewing and engaging virtual travel experiences.

The old VR maker Samsung also offered new killers. In addition to the previously introduced Gear VR headset, Samsung also demonstrated AR glasses in development. As part of Samsung's "Experience Age" product strategy, this AR glasses can be used to simulate personal gyms, mountain climbing, underwater walking, and various physical exercises at home.

TCL's Project Archery AR glasses have also iterated. This main product for projection screen viewing is equipped with dual micro OLED displays, providing a visual experience equivalent to watching a 100-inch TV in a room. The wearing comfort of version 2.0 has been greatly improved, and consideration is given to voice control through intelligent assistants.

Compared with the concept products of the giants in the research and development stage, hard-core players who rely on VR / AR products to eat are all mass-produced goods. Pico has announced the Neo 2 series VR all-in-one machine, which uses dual 6DoF positioning, the handle positioning has been changed from the previous generation of ultrasonic to electromagnetic tracking, and also has an eye tracking version. Xiaopai officially exhibited the Artisan VR headset, supports SteamVR location tracking, and also has a package containing Nolo VR. Gudong Technology released the cool pupil G200-E AR glasses, weighing about 80g and 10 hours of battery life. Several AR optical modules and AR complete units developed and produced by Nedecia are also unveiled at CES ... Compared with previous years, there are not many new VR / AR terminals released at CES2020, but the upstream solutions and downstream applications on display There has been a significant increase in both quantity and quality. With 5G blessing, VR is more promising in the future.

Travel reflection technology hard power


Sony: Vision S electric concept car

The biggest surprise at this year's CES is Sony's "cross-border building." This pure electric concept car VISION-S is equipped with many Sony housekeeping technologies. Utilizing the technology accumulated in image processing, the image sensor is integrated with the lidar sensor, and 33 sensors are embedded in the body. The pedestrian, vehicle, and other objects can be automatically recognized outside the vehicle to achieve safe automatic driving; gestures can be used in the vehicle. Optimize infotainment systems and improve comfort with intuitive methods such as control. Electric vehicles have become the carrier of the integration of black technology, and it is reasonable for Sony to become a "car factory".

Uber, a ride-sharing company, straddled from the ground to the air. It teamed up with Hyundai Motor in South Korea to develop an air taxi that looks like an electric airplane, with a designed flight range of nearly 100 kilometers and a cruise speed of about 290 kilometers per hour.

Chip giant Qualcomm has also opened a new track for itself. In response to the self-driving chip market that has been monopolized by another chip giant NVIDIA, Qualcomm launched a chip product called Snapdragon Ride, which will be shipped in the first half of this year. It is reported that cars equipped with this chip will be officially put into production in 2023.

Of the four basic needs of "clothing, food, shelter and transportation", at present, only "exercise" can directly reflect the power of science and technology, which also explains why technology and Internet giants prefer to exert their muscles in this field.

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